Our Troops Request Leave Here

The U.S Army board of the welfare department has made the new rules for the expatriates in war zones, that request for a work leave to be applied by their loved ones/friends/relatives for the reasons below.

Health leave: the health leave is the visit whereby an expatriate/soldier under the US Army Organization is not in good health or his spouse, child or any close relative and want him back for proper treatment or support.

Marital Leave: This leave is whereby the Government gives an expatriate/soldier opportunity to leave the war zone to meet up with their fiancee for marriage purpose.

We must also bring to your notice that the United States military authority does not ask our troops to pay for their official leaves or holidays/vacations assigned and approved by the military authority but in a situation where any member of the US Army or staff on his/her own discretion and agreement with his Guarantor to apply or request for an (EMERGENCY LEAVE) when it’s not time for his/her annual or official leave it must involve payment of fees because of the additional expenses for his/her flight booking, luggages, replacement expenses and other little things. The military authority only take care of our troops flight when it’s time for their official leave assigned and approved by the military authority and is very important that you understand these points very well and reasons why we need your support in other to assist this office to make provision for his/her flight and other necessary arrangements since the above soldier in question won’t be going with others.
These are the duration available for the leave.

1-3 months work leave.
6 months-1 year work leave.

Kindly tell us the duration you are applying for your loved one/friend/relative at the war zone so that we can forward you the necessary information for the leave processing.

Want to apply for a Leave ? Fill the form below

Returning Back to Family was a very Rewarding Experience for me. Thanks guys

Navy Ensign Kiyomi Fukada

Sucessful Leave Applicants

There is no greater feeling than spending time with my sisters

Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Anaid Banuelos Rodriguez

Emotional Moments as Patrick reunite With his family after 8 months and 21 days in Africa Peace keeping Mission

Photo By: Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class Grant G. Grady

Emotional Moments
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